Passi City mayor prohibits mass gatherings

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Mayor Stephen Palmares has banned mass gatherings in response to the rising cases of coronavirus disease (Covid-19) in Passi City.

Palmares said the influx of large numbers of people to events like birthdays, baptism, wedding receptions, church gatherings, fiestas, seminars, and workshops could lead to more Covid-19 infections.

Though allowed under the modified enhanced community quarantine status, the mayor deemed it prudent to prohibit such events. (

“These past weeks, we have seen an increase of Covid-19 cases. To stop the spread of the virus, we are banning all mass gatherings here,” according to him.

As of October 29, Passi City had a total of 126 confirmed cases. Of the figure, 51 are active cases, 74 recovered and one died.

On the same day, Passi logged new 11 new cases.