Parang Metro Manila? MMDA scores lack of discipline in Iloilo City roads


If Iloilo City wants to solve its traffic woes, it may have to start with discipline among motorists, according to a team from the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority.

Neomie Recio, director of MMDA Traffic Engineering Center, said that while their initial survey showed the city is not as congested as Manila, there was a lack of discipline.

Recio particularly cited the lack of discipline in loading and unloading of passengers due to lack of designated loading and unloading areas (

Recio added that they have observed many obstructions in the metro.

The MMDA team arrived on Tuesday to help Iloilo City improve its traffic management system.

After conducting surveys and evaluating the discipline and behavior of the drivers and road networks city, Recio said they will recommend a proper traffic management system for the city.