Para di na magpoops kahit saan! Negros mayor wants ‘toilet in every home’

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When will Don Salvador Benedicto town in Negros Occidental have a toilet in every home, instead of in the sugarcane fields?

Mayor Marxlen de la Cruz lamented residents find it more convenient to answer the call of nature in the sugarcane field or among the shrubberies.

“It is unhygienic and we have to put a stop to it,” he said (

Dela Cruz said houses outside the poblacion are located far from each other, prompting residents to urinate or defecate virtually anywhere.

Such a practice could cause diseases among the residents due to unsanitary surroundings, the mayor said.

Yet, he noted town was dubbed as the summer capital of the province because of its cool weather and scenic mountainside views.

“So we have to maintain clean and healthy surroundings, not only for the locals but for visitors as well,” he said.