Palag! Mabilog tells Duterte: I have nothing to hide

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“I have nothing to hide.”

So went Iloilo City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog as a response to the allegations of President Rodrigo R. Duterte that he lives in a “palace.”

“I have nothing to hide. My house, while often described as a palace, is not quite a palace,” the embattled mayor said in a statement.

Duterte claimed that Mabilog lives in “palace” and revealed that he has ordered the National Bureau of Investigation to conduct lifestyle check against the Iloilo City mayor.

However, Mabilog said that the compound where the ancestral house stands was inherited and the house was built on a more or less 200 square meter portion.

“It is not as big as pictures would make it appear. Last year I opened our doors to the local media for them to see the inside. Modesty aside I and my wife were already running a number of businesses before I joined politics,” said Mabilog.

He explained that he has already living a “comfortable life” as an entrepreneur even before joining local politics.

“I didn’t become rich because of politics, much unlike many politicians.
My wife had to make huge sacrifices working in Canada for many years, while at the same time making wise investments that were reported in her income tax returns,” he said.

He added that everyone wanted to build a “beautiful home” so they built one for their family.

“I just feel sad that what I had hoped to be a dream home has caused a nightmare experience for me and my family. But I can assure the President not a single centavo of dirty money was spent for this home,” said Mabilog.

Mabilog has been previously tagged by the president as one of the so-called narco-politicians

Over the past year, Iloilo has been tagged by Duterte as being a bedrock of illegal drugs in the country, at one point even calling it the “most shabulized” city in the Philippines.