P80K cash incentives for Ilonggo seniors


The Iloilo City Council has approved an ordinance granting additional cash incentives to senior citizens.

The ordinance amending Ordinance 2017-053, which honors Ilonggo Centenarians, grants additional cash incentives of P10,000 upon reaching the age of 80 and P20,000 upon reaching the age of 90 years old and P50,000 cash incentives for those who reach 100 years old.

Councilor Irene Ong, the proponent of the ordinance, said an Ilonggo elderly will receive a total of P80,000 worth of cash incentives from the city government at the age of 100 years. (

The ordinance has no retroactive effect, added Ong.

In his committee report, Councilor Jay Treñas III, who chairs the Committee on Appropriations, said senior citizens should be able to enjoy their cash incentives while they are still strong.

“Reaching the age of 80 years old is very rare nowadays. Lowering the age bracket will ensure that our senior citizens receive the benefits while they are still strong and are able to enjoy their cash incentives,” he said.