P17M dev’t projects left to dust in Digos city

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State auditors scored the Digos city government in Davao Del Sur for its low utilization of its development funds in 2015.

In a 2016 report, the Commission on Audit (COA) said P17,777,847.89 worth of programs and projects were unprogrammed and unimplemented in Digos city.

The auditors said the city government was only able to utilize 29.07 percent or P18,726,988.08 of its development fund to complete 29 projects.

COA hit the city government for its “very low efficiency of implementation” of development projects.

The auditors said P8,628,083.39 remained unprogrammed as of year-end for the following projects – barangay development projects, rehabilitation and improvement of city roads, counterpart to Department of Agriculture Projects, among others.

Meanwhile, 24 projects worth P9,149,764.50 were not implemented as of end 2015 – purchase of boom truck, opening of roads, spring development/waterworks, subsidy to nongovernment organizations/people’s organizations, concreting of slaughterhouse, land improvements, among others.

During the exit conference, the management told the auditors the list of projects prepared by the Planning Office is frequently being revalidated.

The COA urged the city mayor Joseph Peñas to fast track the implementation of the projects already identified, as well as evaluate the viability of the unimplemented projects to determine the cause of its non-implementation.