Our strength: Janette Garin laments passing of dad-in-law Oca Garin

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Former Health Secretary Janette Garin struggled with the sudden passing of Guimbal Mayor Oscar Garin, her father-in-law.

The Iloilo congresswoman joined members of the Garin clan in lamenting the death of their “Tatay.”

“He was an amazing father in all aspects. He was a good father to Richard. He always pushed Richard to do better and be better. He was a great father-in-law to me, always reminding me of what is important in life,” the politiko said. “What I appreciate most is how exceptional of a grandfather he was to Rica. He was supportive and always available to her.”

“His constant presence in our lives whether in good or bad times was always reassuring. He was a force. To him, we always held on for strength and support,” she added.

“We cry now but we will forever cherish everything you have taught us. We mourn now but we will celebrate your life as long we live. Mission accomplished, Tatay. Rest well in heaven.”