Osmeña denies taking mayor’s office seal


The camp of former Cebu City mayor Tomas Osmeña denies having a hand in the missing seal at the Mayor’s office, the Freeman reported.

Osmeña’s lawyer Amando Virgil Ligutan said the seal was even used during the inauguration of new Mayor Edgardo Labella last June 30.

The former mayor stripped his office bare that night after.

Ligutan maintained that his client did not take the city symbol.

“Per allegation of the complainant himself, he said the seal was lost. It is clear it was under oath when he alleged. Fortunately, for the public, we have the logbook entry dated June 25, 2019 saying that Engr. Mejelito Cajes himself was the one who pulled out the official seal from the mayor’s office,” according to him.

He said they are giving Cajes a day to rectify the “deliberate imputation that he made against Osmeña and respondents.”

Criminal complaints for perjury and qualified theft and administrative complaints will be filed against him if he fails to do so, Ligutan said.

Lawyer Rey Gealon of the Cebu City Legal Office, however, said the alleged entry in the logbook with regard to the lost official seal was neither authenticated nor duly executed.