On the first day of the 18th Congress: Loren Legarda files 10 bills


On her first day as congresswoman of the lone district of Antique province, Rep. Loren Legarda filed 10 proposed bills, including a measure that creates the Antique High School for the Arts.

Legarda said the proposal aims to recognize the talent and exceptional giftedness of young Antiqueños and promote Filipino heritage.

“The province of Antique is rich in culture and traditions evident in the existence and usage of the Kinaray-a language, the long-preserved performing arts of Komedya, the traditional practices of the indigenous peoples like the Atis and the Iraynon-Bukidnon, among others,” said the former senator.

“In order to cultivate the skills of young Antiqueño artists and leaders in the preservation of their heritage and identity through arts and culture education, House Bill No. (HBN) 633 mandates the creation of the Antique High School for the Arts,” she added.

Legarda also introduced HBN ouse Bill No. 632 or the “Northern Antique Protected Seascape and Landscape Act of 2019” declaring the seascape and landscape in the municipalities of Libertad, Pandan, Sebaste, Culasi, and Tibiao as an ecotourism zone.

“In anticipation of the influx of local and foreign tourists, this bill, when enacted into law, will help secure adequate national support for the local government units to realize its vast potential as an eco-tourism zone that is ecologically sustainable, responsible, participative, culturally sensitive, economically viable and ethically and socially equitable for the local community,” according to her.

Other bills Legarda filed included HBN 631, which seeks to establish employment service office at the barangay level; HBN 634, which seeks to create the Department of Culture; HBN 635, which seeks to regulate the manufacturing, importation, and use of single-use plastic products in the Philippines; HBN 636, which provides for the development and protection of the Philippines’ handloom weaving industry; HBN 637, which promotes food forest gardening in the country; HBN 638, which seeks to institutionalize the Philippines’s participation in the international exhibitions of the Venice Biennale; HBN 639, which protects and strengthens the indigenous peoples and local communities conserved areas; and HBN 640, the Anti-Discrimination based on SOGIE bill.