Ombudsman drops malversation raps vs ex-Ronda councilor

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The Office of the Ombudsman-Visayas has dismissed the criminal complaint against former Ronda councilor Roel Carreon for lack of merit, The Freeman reported.

Carreon was charged in 2010 for alleged unliquidated cash advances amounting to P325,807 between 2007 and 2008.

“Respondent does not deny that the funds mentioned in this case are public funds from the coffers of the municipality of Ronda. He, however, stresses that the funds he received were already liquidated. Therefore, the last element to hold him liable for the crime charged is found wanting,” the Ombudsman said.

In his counter-affidavit, Carreon admitted he failed to immediately liquidate his cash advances. He, however, pointed out that the cash advances were eventually accounted for and that he submitted the liquidation documents to Municipal Accountant Genera Kasayan.

The Commission on Audit Circular No. 97-002 mandates the timely liquidation of cash advances made by public officials and employees.

Section 89 of Presidential Decree 1445 also requires the liquidation of a cash advance as soon as its purpose has been served.