No allowance if vandalism, criminality not eliminated, Rama to cops

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Cebu City Mayor Mike Rama has given the police until June 12, Independence Day, to eliminate vandalism, street dwellers, and criminality, or else he will withhold their monthly allowance.

Rama made the warning following a series of robberies that recently took place in the city.

“I was just talking to our city police director, and of course, it has always been a priority. I do not want a change of guards… I already have the directive that the incentive of the police may not be released, especially that by June 12, (we can still see vandalism),” the city mayor said. (

“I am very clear. That is my position. This will now be directed to all policemen,” he added.

Rama shared that he met with Police Colonel Ireneo Dalogdog and expressed his concerns about the peace and order in the city.

“Peace and order is our priority, and Colonel Dalogdog knows that when I have chosen him, he has that mandate. So, we’ll see how things will probably be ensuing,” according to him.