Nauna na! Jerry Treñas taps bilyonaryos to buy test kits for Iloilo City


Jerry Treñas tapped the private sector to get Iloilo City’s own stash of coronavirus testing kits.

The mayor knew he would have to wait long if he’d be relying on the Department of Health to supply COVID-19 detection kits to the city, so he used his might to procure 2,500 units for the local government. The P5.5-million bill was footed entire by donations: P3.5 million from Henry Sy and Chusuey of Hennan Resorts, P1 million from Iloilo Supermart and Que family, and P1 million from bilyonaryo Injap Sia.

“These will be ordered from South Korea and as soon as we have an available and accredited laboratory in Iloilo City, kits will be available for testing. Thank you very much to our very kind and generous donors. We will never forget this act of kindness on your part,” the politiko said.

We were able to look for an accredited supplier for test kits. 5.5M for 2,500 test kits. These kits are from South Korea…

Posted by Jerry Treñas on Friday, 20 March 2020

What an action man!