Nature hero: Richard Gomez helps this turtle back to the sea

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This politiko saw firsthand what dirty seas can do to innocent animals.

Ormoc Mayor Richard Gomez rescued a sea turtle several weeks ago, which was trapped and nearly dying when it was discovered inside a fisherman’s net.

The politiko ordered local fisheries expert to nurture the creature back to health, and even gave it the full treatment to empty its body of toxic waste. True enough, Gomez found that the turtle’s belly was filled with plastic, fishnets, a nail, and even a SIM card, much to his horror.

Fast forward to this day, Gomez saw the sea turtle off back to the water as it looked healthier than ever.

“As we release this sea turtle today we are hoping that the people will understand and realize the bad effects of throwing trash in rivers and seas. Save our waters to save our sea animals,” Gomez said.