Nadale: ‘Palaro’ delegates fall victim to thieves in Antique

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Theft is fast becoming a problem for delegates to the ongoing Palarong Pambansa in Antique province.

Local police received reports indicating the thieves targeted both the athletes and the teachers accompanying them.

Among the victims was a teacher Rogelio Demdem from Sorsogon, who lost his valuables at the Binirayan Sports Complex in San Jose town.

Demden, 43, said he was about to buy souvenirs from a t-shirt painting stall when he found his bag was slashed. He lost his phone charger and wallet with P4,000 cash.

Meanwhile, police arrested last week a group of minors over a burglary at the billeting areas of some athletes from Western Visayas. The victims had lost P30,000 in belongings.