Mayor Yulo orders lockdown of Bago gov’t offices


Mayor Nicholas Yulo has ordered the suspension of work in Bago City government offices beginning yesterday until Friday to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

Five employees of the Bago City Health Office and a member of the Incident Management Team tested positive for Covid-19 recently and contact tracing is underway that may affect other offices of the city, said Yulo.

During the zoning containment, all city government offices will be closed for disinfection, sanitation and decontamination, and extensive contact tracing measures will be undertaken.

Work operation covering all departments, divisions, offices and units will be suspended for four days except for frontliners, security personnel, and other employees who are required to render work.

Yulo said that no person will be allowed to enter the City Hall, its offices, and annexes unless otherwise authorized during the zoning containment.

All officials, employees and workers affected by the disease transmission, as probable or suspects, are to undergo strict home quarantine for the period of the zoning containment and to exercise minimum health and safety standards to prevent further transmission, he added.

To ensure the continuous delivery of basic services, there will be an on-call workforce, which will be composed of able-bodied personnel as determined by the department heads or chiefs of office, to attend to urgent and critical transactions.