Mayor Revita meets with Villars for Biliran’s agri prospects

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Mayor Rhodessa Delante-Revita met with very special guests as she visited Manila.

The mayor of Caibiran, Biliran scored a meeting with Senators Cynthia and Mark Villar, both interested in helping her town’s agriculture sector.

“Had the privilege to have a dialogue with Senator Cynthia A. Villar on how we can help our farmers and how to boost agriculture in our municipality and how we can work on our problem with waste management,” the politiko said.

“Afterwards, she introduced us to his son Senator Mark Villar whom we asked for support for the road concreting/reblocking of the Sitio Core-Cabibihan shortcut road which could really help our constituents especially when transporting farm produce.”

Now that’s a one-stop shop in action!