Mayor Quisumbing declares Umapad dumpsite as danger zone

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The Umapad dumpsite in Mandaue City has been declared danger zone due to the methane gas deposits found in the area.

Mandaue City Mayor Gabriel Luis Quisumbing on May 3 declared the Umapad dumpsite a danger zone.

The Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) recently conducted soil testing at the Umapad dumpsite, finding methane gas deposits in the area.

The Cebu politiko said the methane gas deposits in the dumpsite pose a danger to the community.

Quisumbing said the Umapad dumpsite is already flammable because of the methane gas deposits, having accumulated lots of waste since the 1970s.

“We decided to declare the Umapad dumpsite as danger zone and we will be shelving all the development plans on that area for the time being. We will focus on the complete rehabilitation and re-development of the Umapad dumpsite to make sure that it is safe and it is viable,” he said.