Mayor Osmeña warns Dino: Power doesn’t last forever

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Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña on April 4 warned Presidential Assistant for the Visayas Michael Dino against the folly of clinging to power.

The Cebu politiko, in his continuing word war with Dino, said President Rodrigo Duterte does not care much for the presidential adviser.

“Have fun clinging on to your power by attaching your lips to someone else’s posterior. He cares less than you think he does. It won’t last forever,” Osmeña said.

“Just look at Aguirre,” he added.”

Osmeña also challenged Dino to show proof of his contributions to the province.

“You brag that you have direct access to the President. What have you done for Cebu?” he asked.

“I am strong because of the Cebuanos, and because I care more about doing my job than keeping it. I will continue to do what I need to do, and say what needs to be said. I will never be sorry for doing my job. Unlike you, I actually have a mandate from the Cebuanos, something you will never have,” Osmeña said.