Mayor Osmeña wants SWAT patrolling Cebu City streets

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Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña said he is amenable to reinstating the budget for the city police’s vehicle maintenance and registration on one condition.

The Cebu politiko said he wants a say on how the Philippine National Police is dealing with the city’s peace and order situation.

“I don’t mind restoring the maintenance. But I just want to assert the position of Cebu City that we have to have a say in our peace and order situation. So, I am requesting Col. Garma to deploy the SWAT team in the mobile patrol,” Osmeña said.

“In the States, LAPD, the SWAT rides in the patrol car. Does it make sense? These are the best armed, the best trained. So if there’s an ongoing shooting alarm, who is the first responder? The mobilized patrol, that’s already the SWAT team. When they all converged in the area, they can form a team in the area already. In the meantime, they’re the first in the scene,” he added.

But Osmeña said this is merely his suggestion.

“I’m just pointing out that this is something that will benefit in the event, an outbreak of crime that the SWAT will respond right away instead of waiting for instructions and nobody shows up,” he said.