Mayor Osmeña: Student-made app may improve Cebu City’s medical program

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Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña said a student-made mobile app may be helpful to the city government’s medical program.

The Cebu politiko said the “Aeon” app made by Information Technology students from the Cebu Institute of Technology-University can improve the Long Life Medical Assistance Program (LLMAP).

Aeon, via its GPS capability, can help track of deliveries of medical supplies.

It also keeps track of the number of stocks for beneficiaries as well as analyzes the health data of beneficiaries to evaluate potential health risks.

The Aeon app is still being optimized to remove glitches.

Osmeña said he might hire the students who made the app if the platform is successful.

“If they are doing a good job, I’ll hire them. Why not?” he said.