Mayor Osmeña launches ‘experimental’ call center program for single moms

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Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña last month launched an “experimental program” to help boost the livelihood of single mothers.

The Cebu politiko said that the city government and AZPIRED have to partnered to hire single mothers as call center agents.

“After talking to many of you, I understand that the biggest overriding factor you have in making life decisions is how it will affect your children. Many single mothers either settle for menial jobs in order to be close to their kids or leave their children with their parents in search of greener pastures. You are sacrificing so much. But I do not want you to have to make that sacrifice anymore,” Osmeña explained.

“So, together with Azpired, we are building a community where you and your children will have the opportunity to live and work in a communal life together with your fellow Cebuanos. You will be employed by Azpired, but you will all live together in the same building to minimize your expenses and maximize your time with your kids,” he added.

Up to 200 single mothers will be hired by AZPIRED.

Benefits include P5,000 salary a month, plus free housing, transportation, free meals, free medical, free laundry, and public education for their children.