Mayor Osmeña disagrees with opposition councilor on bounty for rogue cops

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Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña said he disagreed with Councilor Joel Garganera’s statement that a monetary reward for anyone who can kill rogue cops promotes violence.

Garganera earlier slammed Osmeña’s giving of a P50,000-bounty for dead rogue cops.

Osmeña justified the bounty by saying he’s merely following President Rodrigo Duterte’s lead.

“It’s non-sequitor, it doesn’t follow. The President has his own criteria on what are rogue policemen while Osmeña is simply a second grade copycat with different term of reference,” Garganera said.

But Osmeña said that was merely Garganera’s opinion.

“Why? When the police shoot our people, that’s not violence? That’s Garganera’s vision of peace and order. When our people get shot by the police, that’s okay? I don’t agree with him,” Osmeña said.