Mayor Mike Rama bans 11 years old and below from malls

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Due to the growing number of Covid-19 infections, the city government of Cebu has reimposed its stricter regulations on children 11 years old and below.

Data from the Emergency Operations Center showed at least 156 minors below 12 years old have tested positive for the virus.

Mayor Michael Rama issued Executive Order No. (EO) 157 prohibiting children below 11 years old from entering malls and other indoor venues. (

“In general, only Covid-19 fully vaccinated persons ages 12 and above are allowed to enter close and indoor venues and establishments, including malls and department stores. Children 11 years old and below shall not be accommodated and allowed entry in malls and the said venues,” the latest directive read.

Rama said children must stay at home except for inexcusable and emergency cases.

On one hand, minors between 12 to 17 years old can enter indoor settings provided they are accompanied by an adult, guardian, or parent who is fully vaccinated against Covid-19.