Mayor Leonardia urges Bacolod to take care of growth

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Mayor Evelio Leonardia called on city officials to “take care” of Bacolod’s accelerating growth.

The Bacolod politiko made the statement during his 66th birthday celebration on July 10.

“My wish is to accelerate the growth and prosperity of Bacolod City,” Leonardia said.

“It would be a regret if the growth cannot be sustained. There is no doubt about it, Bacolod is moving forward, it is accelerating. The more reason now that we should take care of it,” he added.

Leonardia said Bacolod is marching towards growth.

“Definitely, we have grown so big. This city is marching towards growth, development and prosperity, but we can only sustain that if our city officials, our congressman, and all of us will work together for the good of Bacolod City,” he said.