Mayor Leonardia slams councilor for ‘poor leadership’ of city council


Bacolod City Mayor Evelio Leonardia lambasted Councilor Ricardo Tan’s supposed “poor leadership” in his capacity as acting vice mayor during the past two weeks.

This after the Bacolod City Council failed to do any business because of lack of quorum.

“Indi sia kahambal nga ang rason Grupo Progreso. It is because of poor leadership,” Leonardia said.

Tan blamed the seven city council members who were abroad in July for an official 16-day trip.

He said Leonardia should not have allowed the seven to leave at the same time.

The seven include Vice Mayor El Cid Familiaran and Councilors Em Ang, Caesar Distrito, Bartolome Orola, Cindy Rojas, Renecito Novero, and Dindo Ramos.

They are all allied with Leonardia’s Grupo Progreso (GP).

“It only shows that Tan cannot understand what to do as an acting vice mayor,” Leonardia said.

“Ang sala niya lang wala sia galantaw sang iya kodigo,” he added.