Mayor Labella told: Give Cebuanos the truth, don’t hamper facts


Tri-media personality Leo Lastimosa called on Mayor Edgar Labella to “be honest” on the current status of health care and health delivery in Cebu City.

“Read the daily actual reports from the hospitals, that you required them to report and your office has their access… Give us, the Cebuanos, the truth. Don’t hamper. Don’t hide. Don’t keep the facts that you have access to,” Lastimosa said in his TeleRadyo program on DYAB recently.

Contrary to what the mayor claimed, the veteran journalist said that hospitals in the city are overwhelmed with coronavirus disease (Covid-19) patients.

“Mayor Labella said during an interview with Karen Davila that our hospitals here in Cebu City are not overwhelmed, that there are no problems in the hospitals of Cebu City, that we are not filled with COVID patients… Wait, let’s back off a bit Mayor Edgar Labella,” according to him.

Also, Lastimosa cited the case of Chong Hua Hospital where nearly all or 98 percent of their isolation beds designated for patients with Covid-19 are already occupied.

“That means other incoming patients will be refused in Chong Hua Hospital. Then you will just say they’re not overwhelmed?” he asked.

“There are standards from the Department of Health on what critical level of our hospital facilities’ capacity. Apparently, Mayor Edgar Labella has his own standards whether the COVID patients are waiting outside the hospital, that can take up to 1 or 2 days prior entering to emergency rooms, for Mayor Labella we are just okay, that it’s also okay for our healthcare.”