Mayor closes four lechon stalls in Carcar

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The Carcar City government has shut down four lechon stalls at the public market.

They are Mercy Roels, Honeylette Navaja’s, Arlene Manreal’s, and Loreta Camanero’s.

Mayor Merceditas Apura ordered their immediate closure due to lack of sanitary and business permits. (Read here: In Carcar City: Apura closes 4 lechon stalls)

The four stalls were also subject of several complaints from the customers, she added.

Apura said the City Council is currently in the process of approving an ordinance that would require lechon vendors to observe proper regulations. Erring vendors will be fined.

A Cebu City resident earlier posted on Facebook his bad experience with the lechon vendors in Carcar City. A certain Jesrel Villas claimed that he was prevented by some lechon vendors from checking the other stalls inside the public market and was forced to buy from them.