May pera sa lupa! Duterte tells Boracay’s Atis to make property productive

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President Rodrigo Duterte has urged the indigenous peoples of Boracay to make the land they received from the government because their children could earn millions from it.

Duterte gave the advice Thursday (November 8) when he distributed certificates of land ownership award (CLOA) to 44 families belonging to Aklan’s IP community.

“In the meantime, till the land, make it productive, and when the prohibition period is over, maybe your children can sell it and it would be million. So may mga Ati dito na yayaman balang araw,” he said.

Duterte said it was a privilege for the Atis to own land in Boracay given how pricey properties were on the island.

“Sa karami natin, one million 10, tapos kayo dito nakakuha ng inyong lupa na inyo na, na maibigay na ninyo doon sa mga apo ninyo, at baka balang araw they so decide then it’s up to them,” he said.

The CLOA beneficiaries will receive training from the government on how to utilize the land for a more efficient agricultural production.