Martial Law throwback: Siquijor solon Rocamora slams secret jail cell

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A throwback from the dark days of Martial Law.

That’s practically how Siquijor Rep. Rav Rocamora described the shocking discovery of a cramped, secret detention cell at a Manila police station.

“This recent discovery of a secret detention center inside a police precinct deserves nothing less than the condemnation of our government and a full scale investigation by the DILG and the DOJ,” the majority politiko said in a statement Friday, April 26.

” I am dismayed that the very practice prohibited by Article III, Section 12 of the Constitution is still alive. Sadly, this horrendous practice from the Martial Law Era still persists,” he added.

The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) discovered the clandestine jail cell which reportedly held a dozen people at the Manila Police District’s (MPD) Raxabago station.

” I commend the Commission on Human Rights and our journalists for uncovering this violation of our constitution and civil rights. While we have yet to uncover the full details of this secret detention facility, I look forward to our law enforcement officials taking decisive action on the entire precinct,” Rocamora further said.