Margot Osmeña says her lineup for Cebu City all ‘fresh and seasoned’

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Margot Osmeña believes her lineup for Cebu City is the best available for local leadership.

The councilor now aspiring mayor branded her allies as the perfect balance of fresh and seasoned politikos.

“Let me introduce to you the group I call ‘mix and match’. Why? they are our councillors and congressmen in South District who are new and not new to providing service to the people of Cebu City,” the politiko said.

“The Fresh. We need new but hardworking councillors who can give us ‘fresh ideas’ and new ways to develop our city. The Seasoned. We also need councillors who really know our city as well as solve some problems in Cebu City,” he added.

“Let’s continue to develop, so bring BOPK back to the council.”