Malnutrition rate declines in Iloilo


The prevalence of child malnutrition is on a downward trend in the province of Iloilo, according to the Provincial Health Office (PHO).

Dr. Maria Socorro Colmenares-Quiñon, provincial health officer I, said that Iloilo registered a 3.27 percent malnutrition rate, down by .52 in 2017.

The figure indicated that the province has addressed 3,000 malnutrition cases, said Colmenares-Quiñon in The Daily Guardian report

In 2010, the prevalence rate of malnutrition stood at 10.5 percent or 29,000 malnourished kids.

“If we do not resolve the problem of child malnutrition, it can continue well into adulthood,” the PHO official said.

“It is also about addressing poverty (and) hunger. These could lead to malnutrition,” he added.