Luigi Quisumbing pulls the best Easter Sunday prank ever

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It was an Easter Egg that this kid won’t easily forget.

Mandaue Mayor Luigi Quisumbing went to prepare Easter Eggs for the annual hunt he sets up for his kid Sophie. This year’s celebration came with April Fool’s, so the politiko did everything in one go.

“In the past, we hid Easter Eggs with candy inside for Soph to find around the house. I really wanted to take it to another level this year,” Quisumbing said.

The politiko decided to replace the toy-filled eggs with the classic Pinoy balut.

“That’s why, for the life of me, I can’t figure out why Sophie didn’t enjoy her Easter Egg hunt today. Instead of those useless colorful Easter Eggs, I even made the effort of hiding Pinoy Blind Bags aka Balut which also has a cute animal inside? Not to mention, a healthy dose of protein,” the politiko said.

Hope the bird embryo didn’t traumatize the dear kid too much. What a hoot!