Lucy Torres shares photo from early modeling days


She had to try so hard to look serious and mature.

Ormoc Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez has been known for her fresh and cheerful face, but this hasn’t always worked out in her favor. The model turned politiko dug up an old photo from one of her modeling stints back in the day, when she had to force herself to look beyond her years.

Her biggest source of stress, however, was the need to tuck her tummy in to show a slim frame despite binging on Spam, rice, and chips.

She did a good job as it definitely didn’t show.

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I was 18 years old, in college, and this was an outtake from a photo shoot (I now forget what for). I had to look more woman than child, someone who had come of age kinda. So the stylist chose this mini dress, teased my hair and put half of it high and up (so close to the sky!) and I had to look serious, show no teeth, attempt a deadpan stare straight to the photographer’s camera lens. In truth though, I was super holding my breath I probably almost turned the color of my dress because I had just eaten Spam with rice and two bags of Chippy.😂 What a relief it was to change back into my daily uniform then of jeans, sneakers, loose white shirt. And be happily more child than woman yet again.♥️ #PwerteNakongHiyakIntawon😂 P.S. it was @jonunson who took this photo. Thank you, my friend!🌹

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