Lucy Torres shares her IG-worthy guest room


Lucy Torres is certified artsy.

The Ormoc congresswoman has channeled her creativity into decorating her home shared with husband Mayor Richard Gomez and their daughter Juliana.

The guest room served as a blank canvas for the politiko to dress up in art pieces – a hodgepodge of paintings and even of pretty furniture and upholstery to brighten up the corner.

“On two walls that form a corner this sprinkling of artwork —- one that I got from Myanmar when I attended a seminar back in 2013, an Arturo Luz, 2 made by Juliana from when she was a little girl, a pinya painting by a local Ormoc artist, 2 from Ronald Caringal (the bigger one of which features Juliana’s lips), an art deco bought online,” the politiko said, showing off the eye-catching corner.

“I have changed things a bit since then but have yet to take a more recent picture. Random things in one corner, many stories between each,” she added.