Lucy Torres gets makeup tips from daughter Juliana


They are kikay sisters born years apart.

Model turned Ormoc Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez may have made a name for herself with her fresh and charming face, but she reveals that she had a lot to learn about doing her own makeup.

The politiko shared that she got some of her makeup tricks from her daughter Juliana, who taught her how to do wing tips on her eyelids. The 18-year-old also showed her better ways to use highlighter on her cheeks.

“We had just moved in after renovating our home, most of our things were still in boxes, and in the middle of unpacking we decided to do our eyes. You taught me how to draw wing tips, and put on highlighter strategically,” Gomez shared.

“‘It’s easy, Mama’ you said. And it was. But only because you were beside me.”

That’s solid mother-daughter bonding right there!