Loren Legarda misses Antique so much


Loren Legarda had to settle for throwback photos to see the simple yet beautiful sights of her home province.

The former senator now Antique congresswoman decided to spend the entire quarantine period in Metro Manila to keep her constituents safe from potential infections. Lucky for her, a kababayan sent photos of ancient Antique, where the simple lifestyles of locals were captured in black and white film.

“My dear friend, Lani Maestro, internationally acclaimed Filipino artist, who resides in France, sent me these wonderful photos of my home province of Antique taken in the 70s,” the politiko said. “Although the photos are in black and white, I can most definitely feel the vibrant yet simple life of my kasimanwa back in those days.”

It made her miss home even more.

“It has been a while since I last went home, due to the pandemic, and seeing these old pictures makes me want to come back to Antique soon,” Legarda added. “I miss the scenery, the mountains, the beaches, and the local delicacies, its lovely handicrafts, but most especially, I miss the warmth of my kasimanwa.”