Loren Legarda calls for ‘increased protection’ for journos on Press Freedom Day


Loren Legarda honored media practitioners on World Press Freedom Day as she reminisced about her good days as a reporter.

The former broadcaster and senator now Antique congresswoman wanted nothing but the best for her media colleagues.

“As we observe the World Press Freedom Day today, I call for the increased protection and support for journalists and media practitioners in the country by providing more responsive and effective efforts in protecting their rights and welfare,” the politiko said, adding hat the Freedom of Information Bill and the Media Workers’ Welfare Bill are her contributions to making the job of journalists easier.

“The contribution of our media practitioners cannot be over-emphasized. The media, who provides and ensures the flow of information on national interests and public welfare across the nation, is a powerful sector in nation-building,” she added.

“As they work hard to bring the truth to the people despite the risks they face in their jobs, we should address their concerns, ensure their security, respect their rights, and give them benefits that are due them. I salute our media practitioners on the occasion of the World Press Freedom Day and will continue to help promote their welfare and protect their interests in any way I can.”[0]=AZXzBi6vWvJOHLiaeMyUPd2iDb9tQeGoDOgxcmMJ775ZtMDdptlJ03fpXdIl6ijSpvGyGl10cbSEPosj-wzZKEUb161DZosnIv9DODrzewvvpXjoaZhLhHuZgkbtqeSwFsjoUa7HgLnhQ1LGIjLKNDKe&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R