Lodi! Duke Frasco turns into a quick fan of Teddyboy


The smart and agile Foreign Affairs secretary is Duke Frasco’s newest idol.

Cebu Congressman Duke Frasco sat through a long hearing as they studied the budget request of the Department of Foreign Affairs for 2020. It turned out worth it, as he was amazed with the quick wit of Secretary Teddyboy Locsin who knew just how to respond to pressing questions of solons.

Frasco was so impressed that he just had to chase Locsin for a photo right after the session.

“After 3.5 hours of interpellation and deliberation, our Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary is still smiling. I am humbled and honored to have witnessed Sec. @teddyboylocsin in action during the DFA budget hearing this morning. I learned so much from him in just a short period of time,” the politiko said.