‘Listen to your body!’ Ann Tan down with the flu

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Ann Tan is taking a much-needed break from politiko work after powering through long hours over the past weeks.

It’s a lesson learned for the Samar governor.

“Sometimes, we need to listen to what our body is telling us. I was too focused on work and was really bent on catching up with all my meetings that I disregarded the cold and minor aches,” the politiko said. “Yesterday, my body finally told me to pause and take it easy.”

Tan found it easy to rest up with the help of her sweet kids who even made breakfast for her.

“I heard that many people are getting sick with the flu, too,” she added.

“To all the mommies, let us all take time to rest and allow our bodies to heal first. We can’t take care of our families when we are down. Let’s take care of ourselves, too!”

Get well soon!