Leonardia to mayors: Work together to beat Covid

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Bacolod City Mayor Evelio Leonardia has urged the country’s top city executives to work closely together to win the ongoing battle against Covid-19 pandemic.

Leonardia, the national president of the League of Cities of the Philippines (LCP), expressed confidence that local government units (LGUs) would be able to handle global health risks, especially with their access to the Local Government Support Fund, the realignment of the LGU budget for COVID response and the provision of calamity assistance, credit financing and vaccine procurement.

“Indeed, we are slowly recovering and adapting to the better normal,” the mayor said during the League’s hybrid 71st National Executive Board meeting Thursday. (

This year, the LCP participated in the deliberations of the Committee on Devolution and championed the streamlining of additional devolved functions to be done in phases to further develop a concrete local Devolution Transition Plan.

The organization also pushed for the inclusion of 17 beneficiaries of the Growth Equity Fund and participated in the creation of “Angat Lokal” to ensure proper messaging on the full devolution of functions and services from the national government down to the LGUs.

On Covid-19 management, Leonardia noted the cities’ enduring response to protect their constituents through vaccination drives and financial assistance to marginalized sectors.

The LCP also created special committees that will oversee typhoon response, vaccine availment and devolution to “provide focused and timely responses considering the immediate policy shifts that have become the cornerstone of the country’s COVID response.”

“As the leaders of the LCP, we are responsible for setting the tone for our fellow member-cities and establishing strong linkages with the national government agencies. Let us continue to work together in elevating the critical role of cities in the recovery, rehabilitation, and development of our country,” the LCP head said.