Lee Debuque wasn’t sure if her sister voted her as mayor. Here’s why

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No family drama here — just pure kulitan.

Millennial Mayor Nathalie Ann Debuque successfully defended her seat at the Anilao Municipal Hall this year.

But on election day, she recounts that she wasn’t sure if one of her sisters actually supported her. While waiting to vote due to the long line at their precinct, she and her sisters waited by the school and were kidding around to pass the time. Debuque, however, picked on their youngest TM yet again.

“Keeping calm and waiting for the VCM machine in our polling precinct to be fixed. In the meantime, we are teaching/tormenting TM because this is her first time voting,” Debuque shared.

“I am not sure if she is voting for me though (na pikon na siya sa akon),” she added.

Blood runs thicker than teasing after all.