Late Antiqueño visual artist Edsel Moscoso honored


The Senate has adopted a resolution recognizing the contribution to the arts sector of the late Antiqueño visual artist Edsel Moscoso.

In Senate Resolution No. 999, Senator Loren Legarda said Moscoso, with his paintings, remained a steadfast champion of the cultural identity of the Filipinos.

“As a prominent painter, his works are uniquely characterized for their washed sepia images of Filipino rural life, placed against a contrasting colorful background,” Legarda said.

National Artist for Literature Nick Joaquin also described his artworks as “manscapes,” for his depiction of Filipinos living in rural areas.

In 1975, Moscoso, who earned his Fine Arts degree from the University of the Philippines, was named a recipient of Outstanding Young Artists of the Art Association of the Philippines.

In 1993, he was also honored by his home province as the “Pride of Antique.”

Moscoso died of leukemia at the age of 55 in December 2008.