Lakas-Kampi to recommend replacements for councilors Ycong, Dungog – Lapu mayor

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Lapu-Lapu City Mayor Junard Chan said that his political party PDP-Laban cannot recommend to Malacañang the replacement of two councilors who passed away this year.

Late Councilors Marcial Ycong and Jose Dungog were both affiliated with Lakas-Kampi CMD when they ran for council in the last election, explained Chan.

Lakas-Kampi CMD is the political party of the Radazas in the 2019 polls. (

Last February, Ycong succumbed to a heart attack, while Dungog died on Thursday due to liver cancer.

“The party would be the one to choose who would be the one to replace the councilors and the final appointment is from the Office of the President,” Chan said in the vernacular.