Lacson optimistic on Marcos presidency

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Negros Occidental Governor Eugenio Lascon lauded President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. as he official took office on July 1.

Marcos was eloquent and his message was up to the mark as it discussed the key elements they expected from his inaugural address, said Lacson who supported then-Vice President Leni Robredo during the presidential elections.

“His values and beliefs, were anchored on unity and humility, as he expressed by his statement that we are indivisible as one republic, and that he was not the instrument of change but it was the people that made it happen,” he added. (

As for his visions for the country, Lacson said that Marcos clearly acknowledged the people’s shared desire for peace and a better future for children.

The new president also made it clear his governing philosophy to focus on the future when he said that, “we do not look back, but ahead, and that there should be no looking back in anger or nostalgia,” the governor said.