Labella told to provide Vitamin C, vaccine


The Cebu City Council has requested Mayor Edgardo Labella to integrate into the overall coronavirus (Covid-19) response strategy measures that will help the people boost their immune system to help fight off the virus until a vaccine is already available.

Labella was asked to study and consider the distribution of healthy and nutritious food items in the food packs distributed by the city as relief assistance and provision of Vitamin C and free flu vaccination, especially to the poor and vulnerable. (

The council also urged the mayor to study and consider massive community-based and social media platform education drive on the importance of strictly adhering to minimum health and safety protocols and pursuing a healthy lifestyle to help boost one’s immune system.

Councilor Alvin Dizon sponsored the resolution which was approved en masse during a special session Friday last week.

“Our immune system represents the first line of defense against viral infection and we have to provide the means and educate our constituents, especially the poor and vulnerable, to build up their immune systems to tackle pathogens,” said Dizon.