Labella to hotels: Limit occupancy of guest rooms


Cebu City Mayor Edgardo Labella has issued Executive Order No. 115 limiting the number of people allowed to stay in a hotel room.

Labella’s order came on the heels of rising coronavirus cases in the city following the holidays.

“We need to regulate because this is one way to reduce the spread of the virus,” he said. (

The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) previously attributed the rise of cases to private gatherings people conducted during the holidays.

The private gathering was an event where people became complacent as they were with families and friends, leading to the disregard of health protocols, the EOC said.

In EO 115, Labella prohibited allowing more guests than the allowable individuals in the room.

For rooms that are within 20 square meters, only up to two people from the same household are allowed. Rooms with 21 to 29 square meters can accommodate up to two persons from different households; 30 to 39 square meters can accommodate up to three people; 40 to 49 square meters can accommodate up to four people, and rooms up to 50 square meters can accommodate up to five people.

The city government will monitor the hotels for compliance with this EO. Violating establishments will be in danger of losing their permits.