Labella talks about plans for first 100 days in office

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In his first 100 days, incoming Cebu City mayor Edgardo Labella said he will address the city’s garbage and flooding problems.

The Freeman reported that Labella plans to meet with 80 barangay captains to discuss a unified approach to solving the matter.

“I will talk to all the barangay officials whether for us or not with us… for us to make a policy to prevent the return of the litter… at the same time, to implement (waste) segregation in the household in the barangay level,” the newly elected mayor said.

His administration, he added, will strictly implement a “no segregation, no collection” policy so the drainage systems will be from waste materials.

Waterways, canals, and creeks will be dredged and cleaned, said Labella. “For the long term, of course, the comprehensive drainage plan of the city. Immediately, I will convene a committee on that to undertake the comprehensive drainage plan of the city,” he said.

The Department of the Interior and Local Government earlier issued a memorandum imposing sanctions on barangay officials who fail to implement proper waste segregation.