Labella: Quarantine passes needed to enter Fort San Pedro


Cebu City Mayor Edgardo Labella led the opening of the Fort San Pedro, the oldest garrison in the country, on Tuesday.

The site was closed for six months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Labella was joined by Department of Tourism Central Visayas Director Shalimar Tamano and City Tourism Commission Chairperson Jocelyn Pesquera.

The fort administration, led by Executive Director Erwin de la Cerna, has worked in creating a protocol that would ensure the safety of the visitors of the fort, according to the mayor.

“The basic health protocols would still be set in place. Only those with quarantine passes can enter the Fort San Pedro,” he added.

As a precaution, all tourists would need to fill-up a health form indicating their name, address, and contact number. They must also go through a thermal scanner and a disinfection station prior to entry.

Entry fee remains at P30 per adult, and since children are still mandated to stay-at-home, they are not yet allowed to enter the fort.