Kahit di RiteMed! BFAD R6 tells consumers generic drugs are effective too

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Consumers in Western Visayas were encouraged to be more proactive in choosing affordable generic medicines.

The Department of Health and the Food and Drug Administration in Region 6 noted generic medicines are priced lower but have the same active ingredients.

DOH-6 National Drug Policy Compliance Officer Rayellen Magallon emphasized that branded and generic medicines have the same quality and effectivity (DOH, FDA push for generic medicines).

He added using generic medicines would also generate a higher compliance rate and prevent anti-microbial resistance.

FDA-6 Regional Supervisor Ma. Angeles Guzman added all medicines in the market have generic names.

Guzman also stressed government physicians are prohibited from prescribing branded medicines.

The DOH is now conducting a generics summit and caravan to educate the public about generics.

For its part, the FDA said it is regularly monitoring the quality of medicines in the market.