Jerry Treñas blasts fake news on Iloilo City lockdown


Jerry Treñas is denying rumors that he’s planning another lockdown of Iloilo City, saying it sows undue panic among residents.

The mayor pleaded on Facebook to stop sharing or forwarding these claims, saying it just rubs salt to the wound as the city grapples with a fresh spike in cases in a local hospital, where doctors got the virus.

“Please be informed that there’s a post circulating in the city that I am planning a lockdown. That post was used last March before the ECQ in Iloilo City,” the politiko said, assuring the city can handle the situation right now.

“Now that protocols are in place, we can attend to the positive patients who are mostly asymptomatic. Most of the positive patients in Iloilo City come from the ranks of the LSIs and the OFWs. Let’s not cause any panic. The situation is already difficult as it is at present. Let’s not aggravate the situation,” he added.